Fr. V.P.Joseph Valiyaveettil
Founder & Director
Kreupasanam, Kalavoor,

About VP Achan

· Director, Kreupasanam
· Director, National Heritage Study Centre
· Kerala State Sahithya Acadezmy Member
· Kerala State folklore academy member
· Director, Research Centre for folk arts, Alappuzha
· Director, Naithal Bhavan -Coastal Mission, Pallithodu
· Director, Marian Median Mission , Kochi


Born in 1960 at Alappuzha, Kerala meritoriously completed Graduation at St. Michael's College, University of Kerala and later joined Pontifical College for priesthood and ordained a priest on 1985.

A Divine Mission with a vision - A Continuous effort to empower an ethnic society that had lost its identity in the course of history. Fr.V.P.Joseph Valiyaveetil have attempted to rejuvenate this ethnic society by recapturing their lost historical, cultural, social, spiritual identity in order to bring them into the mainstream of society. Equal focus on spiritual, social wellbeing and upliftment of marginalised sections of society, and for the revival of folk arts.

Global Heritage Rejuvenator- Played key role in foregrounding the Indian cultural heritage in the Global space by rejuvenating and reviving the cultural art form, Chavittunadakam, the only Indo-European and age old Classical Dravidian Tamil-Malayalam dance drama and also brought back 1000 years old traditional art forms and identified the cultural heritage and transferred to young generation.

Social Activist -Fr.V.P.Joseph was the sole and unique force behind the Government Decision to include Chavittunadakam as a competition item in the Kerala State Youth Festival which led to the popularisation and transfer of this art form to the young generation. Fr. V.P. Joseph undertook mass campaigns, seminars, conducted symposiums, classroom dynamisms of conscientization activities to protect the human rights of the marginalised people, uplifted the weaker sections, played active role in women empowerment through intervention in coir industry through the invention of indigenous machine (traditional rad) to reduce drudgery of women coir labourers, gave leadership in De-addiction activities and conducted series of protests which have largely succeeded in influencing the government to take a decision on banning arrack shops in 1996, Formed Coastal Mission so as to protect the common people from encroachment of land by intruders and thereby ensure wholesome development of people in the coastal areas, established Blue help line ,a disaster management cell to provide immediate help to fishermen on sea.

Moral obligation and Ethical Responsibility- undertook more than 5000 Conventions, counselled more than 12 lakhs of afflicted people thereby ensuring the peace and harmony that helps in healthy social set up. Working for social justice, respect and dignity for all, respect for workers' rights and Coastal area protection, children rights, cultural identity and diversity, Indigenous peoples and minorities' rights, the preservation of the natural environment.

Fr.V.P.Joseph has served as associate Vicar in the churches at Manakkodam, Kattoor, Thumboli, Pallithodu and served as Vicar in the Churches at Thykkal Vadakkal. He has also served as the Vicar of St. George Forane Church, and Vicar at Manakkodam. And Ambalappuzha. Presently he is the Parish Priest of St. Jospeh's Church,Valiyakalavoor.

2008 - Central Government Senior Fellowship for the documentation and publication of Encyclopaedia on Chavittunadakam.
The research book Neithal Theerathe Samskarika Pazhamakal (published in 1998) received Kerala Sahithya Academy's financial aid.
The thesis “ Paschima Pattu Prasthanam” have been submitted to the Kerala State Sahithya Academy after 10 year research. The academy has given one year scholarship for the same.
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