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World's first Encyclopaedia on Chavittunadakam – published by Kerala Folk lore Akademy during International workshop on folkarts 2014.- The first comprehensive treatise on heritage arts and culture was carried out with the Fellowship from the Ministry of Cultural affairs, Central Government and Fellowship from Kerala Sahithya Academy.

Release of the Chavittunadakam Encyclopedia by the Hon. Minister for cultural affairs Sri. K.C.josephduring the International workshop on folkarts held at Kochi >>

Chavittunadakam Encyclopaedia brings the tradition and explores and trace out the self identity of downtrodden people who were marginalised. It was a mass campaign and a movement so as to revive, regenerate, reconstruct and bring back the marginalised people to the main stream of the society thereby raising their self esteem and identity



Chavittunadakam, the rare and only Indo European dance –drama art form, is an art where we see an unusual blend of ancient Bharatanatyam and the antique Greco Roman drama. The historical play Charlemagne, Saint plays, Biblical plays, social centred play' samakalikam' to the most modern 12 minute –Marthomasandesham play, different stories related to genesis of Chavittunadakam, characters, artists, training centres, masters, Chavittunadakam music, literature, costumes, stages, - all these are systematically arranged and recorded in the encyclopaedia. Arranged in 16 chapters, it is a compendium with all the information relating to Chavittunadakam. Vigorous movements, exaggerated gestures , the elaborate and colourful costumes of Chavittunadakam, scripts, historical sequences, modernity all presented in a planned, alphabetically ordered, wide description which makes the encyclopedia remarkable. the book gives valuable insights, academic thoughts and creates a mind blowing experience to the world of Chavittunadakam.

Documentary -An Asset to Kerala Folk arts-Produced first ever Chavittunadaka documentary film in Malayalam, Samskrithiyude Samanwayam It broadly covers the origin, literature, songs, acting styles, gestures, choreographies etc of the age old art form Chavittunadakam in a span of one hour. This documentary of course adds fuel to the dying embers by rejuvenating the art with all its splendour. The documentary candidly researches the changes that have occurred to the art form during the vast span of 400 years on the backdrop of sea and the coastal region.

Fr.V.P.Joseph has been working last seventeen years to support Chavittunadaka artists by attaining pensions for them from the Government. all attempts were successfully fulfilled as the Government, for the first time in the history of Kerala, has sanctioned pensions for 25 elderly Chavittunadaka artists.

Stipend to students educated in coastal art forms/ certificate course introduced
For the renewal of folk arts like Chavittunadakam, Annavippattukal, Devasthavili, Ammanappattukal, Parichamuttukali etc., special training has been provided in the model of Gurukula system, at Kreupasanam Pauranika Rangakalapeedom. They learn about the performing styles, costumes, movements etc of the earlier mentioned art forms and their different historical evolutionary stages in academic standards.

Training Academy >>

Kerala Coastal Folk Arts Academic Museum:

a spectacle.- training academy, emporium for folk arts, Stay Home Research Study Centre and Library, Costume gallery, CD albums, visual depiction of Chavittunadakam steps, reference books etc. A remarkable breakthrough by establishing Kreupasanam Pouranika Rangakala Peedam and an Academy for the research and development of coastal arts, at a time when these traditional art forms were neglected and fastly ignored.



Folk Art Museum at Kreupasanam Pauranika Rangakalapeedom, Alappuzha >>

Research :

Centre:National Heritage Study Centre and Kreupasanam Pauranika Rangakalapeedam facilitates the academic students who are interested in coastal arts to refer and study about the literature of coastal folk theatre in comparison with other Indian classical art forms. Valuable collection of the ancient scripts of Chavittunadakam and CD presentation of all folklore arts of Kerala are the main attraction of the centre. Study hall ,living rooms are provided. The exquisite museum enhance the students to diversify their ideas and do further research in the field of coastal arts. Costume Gallery is an open exhibition scenario that expose most of all sort of ancient and recent varities of costumes using in coastal performing arts. Here is a permanent stage at National Heritage Study Centre for continuous training in heritage arts and for the presentation of those arts for the national and international community, who are greatly interested in folklore and heritage arts. The inner area of museum is displayed below.

Costume Gallery & Library >>

Chavittunadakam included as a competition event in the Kerala youth festival:

The constant efforts of Fr.V.P Joseph to reform and renew Chavittunadakam was realised when the State Government has approved to include it as a competition event in Kerala youth Festival.

Chavittunadakam presented to International /National community:

a) A 16 day Chavittunadakam “Marthoma Sandesham” had been adapted to a 12 min show which was exhibited at Andheri stadium, Mumbai where 24 international channels telecasted the program.

b) National Award-winning Indian film director and cinematographer, Shaji N Karun's “Kutty Sranku” which was presented in the Cannes film festival cast by Mollwood superstar Mammooty helped to introduce Chavittunadakam to international audience. Thirty artists including Mammooty were given skilful training at Alappuzha Kreupasanam Pouranika Rangakala Peedom and Fr.V.P Joseph.

Fr.V.P.Joseph with Mollywood super star Mammooty during the shooting of the film'Kutty sranku' >>


c) International workshop on folk arts was organised in collaboration with University of Georgia ,USA , National workshop with FLAME University ,Pune, with St.Teresa's College, Ernakualm, The Cochin College, Mahatma Gandhi University, Cochin University, Kochi.

Inauguration of the International workshop with University of Georgia, USA by His Excellency Rt.Rev. Dr. Stephen Athipozhiyil, Bishop of Aleppey. >>



Paper presentation at Department of Foreign Languages, Cochin University of Science and Technology >>


National Workshop in collaboration with FLAME, Pune >>

Efforts for the rejuvenation of traditional folk arts, like, Chavittunadakam, Parichamuttukali, Annavi pattukal , Ammanapattukal,Vallattuparichaveeshikali, puthenpana, coastal Vanchipattukal, Slama Carol and  Devasthavili.

Chavittunadakam – the only Indo-European and age old Classical Dravidian Tamil-Malayalam dance drama >>

Vallattuparichaveeshikali- Indo Portuguese martial shield and sword dance at Volvo Ocean Race – Cochin >>

Demonstration class on Chavittunadakam
at Cochin College >>


International Workshop at St.Teresa's College inagurated by His Excellency Rt.Rev. Dr. Francis Kallarackal Arch Bishop of Verapoly Diocese >>

Margamkali is a folk art where group of dancers sing and dance around a lighted wick lamp Nilavilakku

A scene from Slama Carol performed on the auspices of Kerala Tourism Department at 14 districts in the state

Devasthavili- An Indo-Portugese ritual art serves as spiritual exercises which intone the mind of the people for reflecting about the momentary span of life for effecting spiritual contrition and reconciliation

Annavi Pattu (Kreupasanam) in a programme titled 'Bali Smritikal' broadcasted by Shalom TV

Puthen pana : narrates the life of Jesus Christ. It is sung in Dravidic tune with rhythm.

Vanchipattukal-Kadal Vanchipattu is a coastal folk music, sung by the fisher folks in the ancient times to relieve the pain and effort of fishing

Ammanapattukal-Derived from Tamil traditional rhythmic tunes, written in Tamil-Malayalam languages,these songs describe the rising up of Jesus Christ, . Ammanam' is a Tamil folk tune. These are highly devotional sogns depicting the redemptive commandment of Jesus Christ

These poetic song are written by Arnose Pathiri to enrich the religious life of Christian's in 18th century. >>

Participated in Kochi-Muziris Biennale.Chuvati 12 - Performed Brijeena Charitham Chavittunadkaam, directed by Fr. V.P. Joseph Valiyaveetti

The performances of coastal art forms are conducted at various venues. To cite a fewinclude,Muscat, Rombavally (Mumbai), Andheri Sports Stadium, Tanjavoor South Zone cultural centre, Tamilnadu, Kerala Musical Drama Academy, Folklore Academy, Kerala Kalamandalam, Sree Sankaracharya University etc. Numerous research papers have been published on these coastal art forms in renowned journals.

Dictionary :

World's First Dictionary on Coastal Folk Arts published by Kerala State Institute of Languages -
a new beacon to the world literature- Coastal Folkart Dictionary 'Theera Desha Kala Nighandu' - Coastal folk art dictionary is a precious gem added to the literature of folk arts. Written and developed by Rev. Fr.V.P.Joseph Valiyaveetil, it is the only reference document on different art forms of Kerala coast, its music, literature, structure, origin, trends and history. A special emphasis on Chavittunadakam , which is presented in its comprehensive form with detailed highlights on story board, characters, costumes, origin , stage , operatic style . A true reference guide for the common people to refer into the each and minute concepts of art forms. This is first attempt in these genera in the literature of the World.


“Brijeena Charitham” Chavittunadakam
( Life of Queen Brijina)
Chavittunadakam Attaprakaram
(A handbook book on Chavittunadakam literature)
Chavittunadakam Encyclopaedia Chavittunadakam Literature and Music



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