Fr. V.P.Joseph Valiyaveettil
Founder & Director
Kreupasanam, Kalavoor,

Social Mission  

Motorised Ratt for women empowerment in coir industry.
helped to improve the standard of living and increase the income of the marginalised employed in this sector. Coir industry is the basic source of livelihood in Alappuzha. For the empowerment of women and for their integral development, Kreupasanam succeeded in developing and popularising a motorised traditional ratt, for which the centre received Coir Board's National Award.

V.P.Joseph receiving the Central Government's Coir Board National Award from the then Chief Minister Mr. A.K.Antony (2004) for introducing the new motorised ratt in the coir industry for fostering women empowerment.>>

De-addiction activities- series of protests of the committee have largely succeeded in influencing the government to take a decision on banning arrack shops in 1996.
Poet Dr. Sugatha Kumari inaugurating the women's state convention on de- addiction. President Fr. V P Joseph and other state leaders like G .Kumara Pilla and Jayaprakash Narayanan seen near.>>

District level workshop on banning alcohol being inaugurated by
Mr. A K Antony the then MLA >>

Kreupasanam Coastal Mission against encroachment of coastal area- to protect the common people from intruders who encroach their land.

International Congress held on December 10th 2005 at Trivandrum. Fr. V P Joseph voicing the first words against the threat of eviction of the ethnic fishermen from their home land.

Protest march chanting prayers organised by Kreupasanam against the encroachment of land mafia in the coastal region displacing the ethnic population. >>

Blue help line-a disaster management cell to provide immediate help to fishermen on sea.Kreupasanam effectively monitored / participated in the 62 days hunger strike organised under the leadership of Diocese of Alappuzha against the neglect of coastal roads, bridges and hospitals as part of Tsunami reconstruction project.

Social action for the protection of human rights -A social protest was undertaken so as to bring forth the violation of human rights that was laid in the Meenakumari commission report on Coastal fishing and thereby protect the interests of the fisher folk of India. One of the major recommendations by the committee to declare 200-500 metres along the coast as a buffer zone would affect the fishing activities of traditional fishermen, leading to major crisis in traditional and small scale fishing sector.It was pointed out that if implemented, the recommendations in the report would have adverse impact on the lives of traditional fishermen across country.

Social action on issues relating to coastal people - a standby for Meenakumari Commission >>




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